Present Power Situation

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The installed generation capacity was about 5719 MW (as on June 2009) from a meager 88 MW in 1960. Electricity generation grew at about 7% p. a. during last fifteen (15) years compared with average annual GDP growth rate of about 5.5%. Notwithstanding the progress made to date, Bangladesh's per capita electricity generation of 182 kWh p.a. is still among the lowest in the world. About 47% of the population have access to electricity, which is also low compared to many developing countries. This implies that there is scope for significant growth in power sector. Given the huge investment requirement for power development in the country, Bangladesh would be looking forward to various sources of finance. The Government has already opened the power sector for private investment and "The Private Sector Power Generation Policy" has been formulated in 1996. The table bellow depicts power sector at a glance.


Power Sector at a glance (As on June 2009)


Installed Capacity
(a) BPDB
(b) IPP & Mixed Sector Total

3,812 MW
1,907 MW
5,719 MW

Maximum Demand Served


Net Energy Generation

4,162 MW

26,415 MkWh


Transmission Line
230 kV
132 kV

8,253 Ckt km

Capacity of Grid S/S
400 KV & 230 kV
132 kV

5,850 MVA
7,485 MVA


Distribution Line
(33 kV, 11 kV & 0.4 kV)

2,83,494 km

Total no. of Consumers

11.25 Million

Total no. of Agricultural Consumers

2 Lac

Total no. of Village Electrified


Access to Electricity


Per Capita Generation

182 kWh

System Loss (T&D)