Sustainable Energy Plan of Govt

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Power is an essential factor for developing socio-economic conditions of the country. Demand for power is increasing day by day. Moving towards energy sustainability will require changes not only in the way energy is supplied, but in the way it is used, and reducing the amount of energy required to deliver various goods or services is essential. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are said to be the twin pillars of sustainable energy.

There was no institutional framework for Renewable energy before 2008. Government adopted Renewable Energy policy in 2008. According to the policy an institution, sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), shall be established as a focal point of sustainable energy development and promotion of “sustainable energy’ comprising renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Establishment of SEDA is under process. Power Division will facilitate the development of renewable energy until SEDA is formed.

Energy Conservation


Energy conservation is an important element of energy policy. Energy conservation reduces the energy consumption and energy demand per capita. It can be achieved through efficient energy use or by reduced consumption of energy services. To cater the need the formulation of Energy Conservation Act is underway.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Government has taken a number of initiatives for efficient energy use & reduced consumption of energy.

  • Steps taken to revise Building Code inserting Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy issue
  • To build awareness amongst the children, steps taken to incorporate Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy issue in the academic curricula of School/Madrasa/Colleges.
  • Installation of Solar Panel in the Govt., Semi Government and autonomous organizations within next 3 years
  • Use of CFL bulb in all ministries and power sector entities
  • Conventional street lights will be replaced by LED and solar subsequently
  • Public awareness for energy conservation
  • Discontinuation of incandescent bulb and electric heater gradually
  • Limited use of Air Conditioners keeping temp within 25%C
  • Encouraging the business community for using solar energy
  • Introduction of Energy Star Rating system in the electric appliances through BSTI
  • Discouraging use of neon sign in the markets/ shopping malls at night
  • Closing of markets and shopping malls within 8 p.m.
  • Steps taken to introduce Pre-paid metering system all over the country to reduce system loss and low use of electricity.