Renewable Energy Plan of Govt

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Renewable energy is energy, which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geo thermal heat, which are renewable (natural replenished). Solar home system (SHS) is becoming increasingly popular and a project is taken to generate electricity from wind power. The main goal is to develop, disseminate, promote and extend the renewable energy technology to the rural people to meet their energy needs by using sustainable and environment friendly energy sources.

The specific goals are:

  • To increase access to electricity among the people living in off grid, isolated and in accessible remote areas by solar home systems (SHS).
  • Improve the standard of living and increase income by introducing solar power and wind power.
  • To increase the supply of power by installing offshore wind turbines.
  • Explore the potential of other firms of renewable energy such as micro hydro, tidal energy, bio-mass and bio-diesel to meet the power and energy demand of the rural people and
  • To explore the potential of municipal wastes to generate electricity.

Renewable Energy policy is adopted in 2008. The policy identifies the following major renewable energy sources namely – solar photo voltaic, solar thermal power/concentrating solar power, wind energy, biomass, biogas, micro hydro and minihydro.

The objectives of the policy are to harness the potential of RE, dissemination of RE technologies, facilitate both public and private investment in this sector, increase energy supplies to substitute indigenous non-renewable energy. To achieve the objective government has set targets for developing renewable energy resources to 5% of total power demand by 2015 and 10% by 2020.

Recent Initiatives on RE:

  1. Present Solar Power Generation: 15-20 MW
  2. PDB, REB and IDCOL are distributing Solar Home System (SHS) to the people living in the off-grid areas. IDCOL through different NGO has already distributed 4.5 lakhs SHS through out the country.
  3. PDB has already installed nearly 11 KW solar power to the CHT area, nearly 230 W solar power in Angorpot and Dahagram chitmahal Aarea , installed 115 W in the WAPDA office building.
  4. A Solar Panel with capacity of 21.2 KW is installed at the Hon’ble Prime Minister's office.
  5. Nearly 10MW solar plant will be installed by PDB in Sarihabari (2-4 MW), Rigional Training Office, Rajshahi (1 MW), Rajabarihat, Godagari (2-4 MW), Kaptai Power Plant (4-5 MW) in IPP model. Preparation of tender documents is underway.
  6. PDPP has been prepared to cover 4 isolated islands under solar and wind power.
  7. REB has taken project for Solar Irrigation System. 20 irrigation pumps will be brought under solar power under this project.
  8. Installed wind mill at Kutubdia and Feni: 2MW
  9. PDPP has been prepared for wind mapping.
  10. 100 MW of wind power will be generated in the off-shore area of Anwara, Chittagong in IPP model. PQ has already been prepared ,tendering is under process.
  11. Govt. has exempted income tax for next 5 years from commercial production from RE.