Vision and Mission

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The momentum, dynamics and sustainability of a civilization now-a-days depend on energy. Hence, a country can be considered as civilized one if it has sufficient access to energy as required for the industrial, agricultural and economic growth. Energy can be viewed as the only factor to measure the richness, strength, prestige and image of a country.





 The development of sustainable energy systems for the services of mankind is one of the major challenges worldwide.

The long term vision is to develop energy systems that eliminate the contribution to climate while at the same time safeguarding ecosystem functions and providing people around the world with energy for their basic needs.

While research into new technologies is at the heart of our innovation process, we also study the systems that make them work together in a global, market based economy. The energy system is best described as a socio-technical system in which different actors and institutions interact. The energy systems need to include primary energy sources, conversion technologies, use of energy, and environmental and socio-economic impacts of the energy system.

The technology needed to harness natural energy resources is continually improving; we now need to keep up with the demand for highly skilled workers who can lead the entire country, toward a sustainable energy future. Alternative and Sustainable Foundation will obviously lead the charge in workforce education and training in this highly technical field.

Our commitment/passion/dream to establish sustainable energy as a part of our life, hence create a sustainable future for the mankind.

A small group of thoughtful people can change the world.


  • Even with a very high percentage of solar and wind exposure, Bangladesh today suffers acute shortage of sustainable energy.
  • The goal of the Foundation would be to help Bangladesh become self-sufficient in its need for energy and to reach beyond and supply energy to neighboring nations.


  • To change how Bangladesh produce and use energy by investing in efficient technologies and renewable resources that save money and protect the environment.