Strategic Objectives

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  • Transforming Bangladesh Energy need from traditional sources to Alternative and Renewable Energy sources.



  • Develop and/Support Expertise in Alternative and Green Energy Resource Group

  • Organize a kick-off conference to include development of an annual Seminar/Symposium/Lecture Series

  • Support and foster production of innovative renewable energy

  • Develop and support academic and research programs, propagate public awareness, Journal/magazine publications

  • Develop and support a national Energy Policy based on alternative and renewable Energy

  • Identify, organize and pursue Funding to support a non-profit energy policy center in Bangladesh

  • Develop and Support education and incentives for commercial enterprises

  • Foster and spawn a first of its kind a national conference using a trade organization for alternative and renewable energy – Bangladesh Association for Alternative and Renewable Energy – BAARE Conference in December 2010.


We believe in Sustainable Energy

Transforming Bangladesh Energy need from traditional sources to new Sustainable Energy sources.

01.Support Bangladesh in creating a new vision of sustainable energy

02.Support in building a unique university in Bangladesh with a vision to enhance quality living in the world thus become a world pioneer in Sustainable Energy

03.Support in creating Expert Group

04.Support organize Seminar/Symposium/Lecture Series

05.Support foster production of innovative Sustainable energy

06.Support to educate people, public awareness, Journal/magazine publications

07.Support to create national Energy Policy based on renewable Energy

08.Support organize Funding groups

09.Support organize commercial Group

10.Support creating a national trade organization for renewable energy (Like OSEIA)