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Wind energy has been used in Denmark for thousands of years for milling grain, pumping water and other mechanical power applications. In Bangladesh comprehensive study to explore wind power is not yet completed. However LGED in collaboration with Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) has installed twenty Wind Monitoring Stations (WMS) throughout the country.


Primary result of this study indicates a limited prospects of wind resources in the main land because average velocity was found about 3-4 ms-1, however in the coastal belt for a period of five to six months wind speed was found 5-7 ms-1. Therefore low cut-in speed wind turbine may be useful in that region. Furthermore Bangladesh has about 700km long coastal belt, around 200km hilly coast line and about 50 offshore islands where wind energy could be a promising option.

Again BCSIR conducted a study at the St. Martin’s Island. Their report shows a limited prospect of wind energy at the island.

Furthermore Bangladesh Renewable Energy Research Centre (RERC) has conducted solar and wind energy resource assessment through SWERA project. Output of the study has been illustrated in the following map.