Renewable Energy Policy of Bangladesh

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Energy is one of the basic ingredients required to alleviate poverty and socio-economic development. GOB has issued its Vision and Policy Statement in February 2000, to bring the entire country under electricity service by the year 2020

in phases, in line with the direction of the Article 16 of ‘The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh,’ to remove the disparity in the standards of living between the urban and rural areas through rural electrification and development. The energy prospect is generally assessed on the basis of available commercial sources of energy i.e., fossil fuel like gas, coal, oil etc. Worldwide, there is a major transition underway in the energy sector. It is happening due to the following three major reasons:
(i) A decline in fossil fuel availability, their predicted gradual extinction in the next few decades and the resultant price volatility due to demand-supply gap.
(ii) The need to drastically cut global emissions for mitigating climate change (80% reduction by 2050).
(iii) The need for energy security.
In Bangladesh efficient utilization of renewable energy resources is yet to assume commercial dimensions and hence rational policy dissemination on renewable energy usage is essential.


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