Global Issues and Opprotunities

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  • Renewables = 3.4% of global power generation. (Figures exclude large hydropower, which is 15%.)


  • The largest component capacity is wind, grew by 28% worldwide in 2007 to 95 GW

  • The fastest growing technology in the world is grid-connected solar photovoltaics (PV), with 50% yr increases in capacity 2006 2007

  • Solar heat collectors hot water 50m households

  • Biomass and geothermal energy are commonly employed for power & heating, + 2m ground-source heat pumps used in 30 countries for heating and cooling

  • Developing countries have more than 40% of existing renewable capacity, + 70% of existing solar hot water capacity, and 45% of biofuels production

  • Renewable energy manufacturing, operations, & maintenance +2.4m jobs globally in 2006

  • Energy is a $6 trillion business

  • Bangladesh is failing to avail of the opportunities offered by international organizations.